Fairs, Food & Fall Fun

Fall is the perfect time to gallivant around outside. The weather on Sunday was a bit of a disaster, but it led way for a sunshine-y day on Monday! Columbus Day was a great day for a little fair action and it was the LAST day of the annual Topsfield Fair.

Fun Fact: The Topsfield Fair has been an event in New England, run by the Essex Agricultural Society since 1818.

I have gone to the Topsfield Fair just about every year (except for last). It is famous for it’s gigantic vegetables, cute rabbits, livestock, live events, and food. Every year the attractions change a little bit.

Meet Cancun & Friends:


Paul and I LOVE the cows. We debated on walking out with one, but figured we would get caught. These are cows from farms all around the area. They all have fun, unique names and are out in the open. That’s right – no cages for these bad boys!

We couldn’t make it to Cancun, so Paul and I picked our favorite. Cancun was warm and sunny just like our desired vacation on the beach. 

This is BULL! These big guy had horns wider than the length of my body (sheesh). There were two longhorns and they, unlike the cows, were behind bars up to their heads. I guess they didn’t want to let us play with their horns… such a bummer. These are beautiful, large, and totally gentle animals (maybe).



Unfortunately we went on the last day and they had already gotten rid of the goat and sheep exhibit which stunk because I love baby goats!


Revere Beach does a really cool sand-sculpting festival in the summertime. This Topsfield Fair sand castle reminds me of some of the impressive ones I have seen there in recent years. The fair included all of their sponsors and a piglet on the top!

I wonder what it would take to knock this sandcastle down…? Apparently the rain on Sunday didn’t wash it away, so it’d have to be a pretty big wave.


Here’s a photo of me after staring at the piglets for an hour. They had a really cute photo op outside of the exhibit. The flowers are so colorful and gorgeous in this giant wagon. All that’s missing is a Clydesdale to take me on an adventure.

But don’t worry… they had a Clydesdale waiting around the corner!


Every year they have lots of rides and games which I tend to avoid. I don’t really like the rides at the fair, but I’m always up for a round or two of balloon popping and ski ball. FYI I did not see ski ball at this years fair, but they were giving out real pet goldfish!

The giant fruits and vegetable exhibit is crazy. I would be honored to meet the talented (lucky?) farmer who grew a hundred-million pound pumpkin. The flowers and local art were beautiful, as always. The fair makes it a point to show support for the local community by sharing school children’s artwork in the exhibits.


FOOD – Fair food is always the highlight to my day at any fair. I don’t know what it is, but the food tastes 10x better than when you get it anywhere else IF you can get it anywhere else. Also, loving this classic Coke machine 🙂

What did I get, you ask? A caramel apple with nuts is a staple. No candy apples for me, no sir. Tempura vegetables and fried oreos are amazing! If you haven’t tried either of those you NEED to get them at your next fair.


I went for a BOHO/Aztec print look for the fair. It was natural, warm, and fun! This dress is so comfortable. I need to find a few more like it for the fall and winter seasons. These fringe boots have moccasin-style bottoms.

There are many fairs in New England to enjoy. The Big E, Topsfield, and Marshfield Fair are a few of my favorites. They are all around the same time with Marshfield typically in September. The live music and attraction schedules normally come out months in advance. We saw Old Dominion at Marshfield Fair just last year!

Paul and I went to the fair on our 6-year anniversary. (I can’t believe how long it’s been). We had a great day together and I look forward to more fun times together. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Share your favorite fairs below.

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