Frightfully Bootiful Halloween Makeup


Do you know what you’re being for Halloween? Maybe you don’t know where you’re going yet or have no inclination of purchasing an expensive costume at the Halloween store. If this sounds like you, I have great news!

Purchasing a collection of costumes for your Halloweekend is NOT necessary when you can transform with simple makeup techniques and a little peek inside your closet. The looks that I have chosen here took me less than an hour and no trip to the Halloween store, but they are a lot of fun to execute and look great!

Scary, sweet, or sultry… makeup can do the trick. Let’s play.


The scarecrow is sweet, silly, and somewhat scary (to the crows, of course). This makeup look was very simple. The stitching and patchwork is my favorite part about this look. I saw a few examples, but didn’t think any were into character. This version allows you to completely transform your face!


Patch: Various NYC Eyeliner Pencils | Stitches: Max Factor | Eyeshadow: BHCosmetics Cool Shimmer Palette | Lips: Lipliner with BHCosmetics Cool Shimmer | Mascara: CoverGirl | Eyelashes: Kiss Lashes | Highlight: Makeup Forever

To costume this look I suggest a basic flannel you can match your eyeshadow to. I went with orange and red shades for this version. I also threw on a pair of ripped skinny jeans, but if you have jeans with patches that would be a fun look!

Brown boots, booties, or simple slip-ons will all work for this outfit. Scarecrows don’t typically have feet, so it’s a personal choice!

Two-Faced: Dead or Alive

The half skull is a look I have been fond of. It shows the beauty of our external appearance and then the darkness underneath. This look shows the sharp contrast of dead and alive and how everything isn’t as it seems. This could be taken for the undead or it could be an evil disguise. The beautified side is a simple exaggeration of the makeup you might do for a night out with long lashes to complement.

Tip: Putting dark shadow between your lips on the left side and down the neck create the deep gray, spooky look


White Base: Stargazer White Liquid Foundation | Highlight: Makeup Forever | Lip: NYX White Pencil and Milani Sangria | Black: NYX Black Pencil and Max Factor | Eyebrow: Mary Kay Brow Pencil | Black shadow: Tarte Cosmetics | Eyelash: Ardell Double-Up

Wearing a glamorous but dark outfit (elegant dress) is an option for dressing up this outfit. Depending on your chosen story line this outfit can be altered. Wearing black and white are great options for styling this costume!

Native Warrior

The native warrior is made using a combination of tribal-style patterns on the face. Red, white, and black are very bold choices. This can also be made with other colors, but this palette helps for a stronger, more scary look. Trying to create bold and straight lines is important for executing this look properly. Think of it as an outline: drawing the lines first then fill them in to make the process easier.


Red Line: Rimmel Red Liner and Lipstick | Black: Max Factor | White: NYX Cosmetics | Eyeshadow: BHCosmetics Cool Shimmer | Eyeliner: E.L.F Cosmetics Liquid Liner (Black) | Foundation: Estee Lauder

Beading in the hair is a great way to decorate this costume. If you have anything with more of an Aztec print you can incorporate it or just use simple colors that compliment those you’ve used on the face. Wearing a more showy top? Try adding tattoos and more pattern down to the base of your shoulders!


The gypsy is a spooky and sultry look. It is the perfect makeup look for a night out on the town. You can really decorate this with dark, bold shadows and lipstick. The lashes really pull the face together! Using bronzing powder and dark blush pulled this look together for me. Use shades of purple, blue, gold, and black to re-create this on your own.


Base: | Bronze: Sephora | Highlight: Makeup Forever | Blush: CoverGirl and Tarte Cosmetics | Lip: Milani Chocolate Berries and E.L.F Gold Shadow | Eyeliner: E.L.F Cosmetics and Max Factor | Eyeshadow: Tarte Cosmetics and BHCosmetics | Eyebrow: Mary Kay Brow Pencil | Contour: Tarte Chocolate Powder | Lashes: Ardell Double-Up Glamour

Style this costume with lots of beads, jewelry, and temporary tattoos (or real tattoos if you have them). The head wrap and beads are popular for gypsy costumes. Wearing something sexy will make this outfit. Try off-the-shoulder tops, long skirts, and high-heels. Make sure to wear a sexy dark lipstick and play the part.

(P.S. I have decided that Jack Sparrow looks like a gypsy based on this costume!)

Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein has been done many times, many ways. I decided to take a unique approach by making her more glamourous while still maintaining a dark image. The lips, green eyeshadow, cuts, and black lipstick keep the look creepy. Her hair is very elegant – add the white for an extra touch. We KNOW Frankie’s wife has to be sophisticated with that twist-up style. Use dark shadows and long black eyeliner.

The stitches can be easily created with red lip liner, black eyeliner, and a white pencil.


Base: CoverGirl Foundation | White: NYX and Makeup Forever | Red: BHCosmetics Shadow and Rimmel Lipstick | Eyebrow: NYX Black Eyeliner Pencil | Eyeliner: E.L.F Cosmetics | Lipstick: Max Factor Black Liner | Eyeshadow: BHCosmetics

We designed this costume with a black tee (you can also use a tank) and a white sheet that was slightly transparent. It looks similar to a bandage. She is supposed to come off as spooky, so be sure to either make her ghostly (lots of white) or dark. Wearing black slacks or a long black or white skirt will complete this outfit!

Dark Enchantress

This is a makeup look that I created with the help of my sister and mother. The branches symbolize the spells and darkness running through the veins of the enchantress. She lives in the darkest of places and is rarely seen. Her beauty is hidden by madness. With blood red lips and haunting eyes she waits in the darkest shadows for her next victim.


Foundation: Estee Lauder | Highlight: Makeup Forever | Lipstick: Milani Cabernet | Eyebrow: CoverGirl Brow Pencil | Eyeliner: E.L.F Black Liquid Liner | Eyeshadow: Eyemimo San Francisco and BHCosmetics | Branches: CoverGirl Black Crayon | Eyelashes: Eyemimo San Francisco

I suggest wearing very dark clothing to transform yourself into this costume. I have on a black strapless top, leather pants, black booties, and a black and red sweater. The black feather earrings and blood red nails pull the look together. There is no doubt you will look spooky when you head out in this costume.

Do you have suggestions for looks I should try this Halloween or about how I executed these? I would love to hear your comments below!

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