Romeo + Juliet Couture

I have been looking for new date night outfit ideas recently. With the holidays coming up I like to dress up a little big extra. On this night we were going into Boston for a delicious Italian meal and I wanted to dress the part!

Coming from school I often run out of time to change and get ready so I look for simple, classy outfits that can be easily put together. What is easier to throw on than leggings, a long-sleeve T, knee high boots, and a warm & cozy shawl? Not much.

The great thing about this outfit was that it barely even needed accessories. Aside from a simply, dangly earring, a few rings, and my watch dressing up this outfit was simple. I highly suggest this look for when you want to look cute and be warm.


Shawl: Romeo + Juliet Couture – Marshalls (Similar Here) | Leggings: Burned Velvet Amazon | Boots: Zulily *SOLD OUT* (Similar Here) | Long-Sleeve T: Kohl’s

This shawl was love at first sight. It caught my eye when I was browsing through Marshalls and I just couldn’t help but carry it around with me. After debating on whether or not I would like it on, I gave in and brought it up to the counter to purchase. It was 100% worth the purchase! This fabric is so soft and comfortable. It was like walking around in a warm, fuzzy blanket without looking bulky like some shawls and ponchos can. The cold winter air couldn’t get me while I was being warmed up by this beauty.

Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe. I have 20+ pairs of all different patterns and styles. These were a more recent purchase. I debated on wearing these suede patterned leggings or a pair of sleek faux leather leggings. These were the right choice. They really pulled the outfit together and made it seem classy and sophisticated. Unfortunately, the light kind of drowned out the pattern on them in the photos! (Tip: Black is tough to photograph, so make sure you are taking the photos in suitable lighting) Here is a close-up pic so you can see what they actually looked like on.


These leggings are only $8.50 on Amazon with FREE shipping! They come in Black, Mulled Wine, and Blurple and in sizes Small to XL.


Over-the-Knee Boots are my obsession. I have a pair of brown, black, and gray added to my wardrobe for this season. They are comfortable and stylish. I find that they are especially perfect for wearing with leggings and long tunics. Not to mention they are perfect for keeping your feet warm with a thick pair of socks like these during the cooler months when wind chills are freezing cold.

These boots were also super comfortable for strolling around the city. I love to wear heels, but when you’re planning on walking a long way forget about it! These are sexy, stylish, and totally perfect for city strolls.


What’s better for an edgy date night than crazy hair? Lots of hair spray, teasing, and careful placement of strands. I have this pulled back with Scunci combs. You can get them at pretty much any drug, discount, or big box retailer. The Big Sexy Hair Spray is my absolute favorite – you have to try it if you haven’t. Nothing keeps my hair in place, so this product is it’s own miracle formula.

What is your favorite edgy date night look?

Comment below!


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